Recent Challenge

543-553 Richmond Street West.

The City of Toronto did not approve this application for a 15-story condo and commercial building at the busy corner of Portland Street and Richmond Street West – facing the neigbouring condo buildings of only 4, 7 and 10 stories.  The developers then appealed to the Ontario Municipal Board, who often looks past the quiet little street directly impacted and makes their decision from statistics compiled from tall buildings blocks away!

Through the efforts of our Association, and friends of our little neighbourhood, we gathered 473 online and in-person signatures on a petition against the height and size of this proposed development.  Councillor Joe Cressy and his team fought for us all, and the result is a reasonable compromise – a building that fits well with this corner, and with lots of greenspace for many pedestrians enjoying their walk down Portland Street.


Thank you all who voted
Portland Area Residents Association