Current Challenge

502 Adelaide Street West.

At the busy corner of Portland Street and Adelaide Street West (former Para Paints), developers have proposed a mammoth 12-story condo and commercial building.  Not only do we feel the size and density of this building would be an eyesore at this location, but this property faces some of the few remaining Heritage Preservation factory buildings and historic ‘worker row houses’ in this neighbourhood.  These include 490 Adelaide Street West (Circle Productions and others), 127 Portland Street (EF ESL School),  504 Adelaide West (former Sadie’s Diner, now Campechano Taquería), and 487 Adelaide Street West (SpiritHouse).

With your signatures, we wish to oppose the height and size of this proposed development.  In keeping with the great strides we made with the proposed development at the Richmond Street West and Portland Street corner, we want the Adelaide Street West and Portland Street corner building to be a reflection of the limited height and density we want to see growing in this area – including more greenspace for the many pedestrians enjoying their walk down Portland Street.


We respectfully ask that you sign our online petition, and we would be very grateful if you could share it on your social media.  All GTA residents are eligible to sign.


Click here for:  Online petition – citizens for responsible growth


Thank you for your vote
Portland Area Residents Association